Thank you for participating in our survey! Below you will find answers to the frequently asked questions!

We appreciate your time and feedback!

What is the aim of the Global Impact Survey?

The Global Impact Survey is one of our main impact measurement tools. The information, feedback, and insights that we gain from our members and program participants through the survey help us to:

  • Evaluate our collective impact as a network and understand better the impact of members and program participants around the world
  • Inform global and local strategy and improve services and experience of members and program participants,

The survey is being conducted globally and addresses 16,500+ members around the world as well as over 2,000  participants in Impact Hub programs. At the same time, we also survey the 1,200+ staff and volunteers at Impact Hubs. As such it might be the largest impact measurement effort in the social impact sector worldwide.

Who can participate?

Every member or program participant of an Impact Hub is invited to take the survey. The survey asks about information relating to 2020, hence it is important that you have been a member or program participant for at least a part of 2020. 

What languages is the survey available in?

The Global Impact Survey is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech and Chinese.

Do you offer any incentives for participation?

We will raffle 2 entrepreneurial stipends of EUR 500 each among all participants in the Global Impact Survey. Impact Hubs might also offer local incentives.

What information do you collect?

The survey consists of 4 sections: Introduction, Activities, Membership, Closing.

Introduction & Closing: Here we collect basic information such as membership level, membership duration, stage of activities, age, education, etc.

Activities: Here we collect information about impact of members and their ventures (SDGs addressed, impact approach & reach) If you are a (co-) founder of, or hold a leadership position in, an organization, we also ask you questions about the organization’s staff, revenues and investment received (optional), innovativeness, etc

Membership: Here we ask what areas of support were most important to you last year and how helpful Impact Hub was in providing support. We also collect information on your experience in the community with fellow members, peers, and professionals.

In addition, some Impact Hubs also add a couple of questions of their own and this year’s survey contains a further optional section around wellbeing & COVID-19. These sections are optional and you will be asked if you want to take them or not before the closing of the general survey.

Do I have to answer every question?

The survey consists of compulsory questions and non-compulsory ones. You can see that a question is compulsory if it has a little star at the back of it. Compulsory questions also have answering options such “not applicable” or “I don’t know” in case you have difficulty answering a question.

How long will it take me to fill out the survey?

The survey takes between 30 – 40 minutes to fill out. We know your time is valuable, and really appreciate your participation.

If you are currently looking for opportunities to start a project or venture, or are an employee of an organization that is a member of Impact Hub, you will be able to complete the survey in about 15 minutes.

If you are a (co-) founder of, or in a leadership position in an organization, you will get additional questions about the organization’s, staff, revenues and investment (optional), innovativeness, etc, making the survey take up to 40 minutes.

I don’t have answers for some of the questions.

If the question is one of the compulsory ones, please try to give it a rough estimate/ evaluation on the subject. You can see that a question is compulsory if it has a little star at the back of it. Compulsory questions also have answering options such “not applicable” or “I don’t know” that allow you to skip the question if you cannot or don’t want to answer it.

Is the survey anonymous?

The protection of your personal data is an important matter for Impact Hub GmbH. Data submitted in the context of the Global Member Survey is therefore always handled confidentially and in accordance with the applicable European data protection legislation.

We give you the option to leave your email address at the end of the survey. By providing your email address you permit Impact Hub GmbH to use your email address for your participation in our lottery, to share your email address with your Impact Hub for your participation in local Impact Hub lotteries, to send you the results of this survey, and to contact your solely about future surveys.

The data you provide will be viewed and processed by the responsible employees of Impact Hub GmbH and our research partner, the Center for Social Entrepreneurship at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The data will be shared with your local Impact Hub in aggregated or anonymized form. The data might be shared with partners or funders and research institutions ONLY in aggregated form. You can read more about Impact Hubs General Data Policy HERE.

As mentioned above, we will share your email address with your local Impact Hub for local lotteries, but never in conjunction with any of the other information that you provide.

Can I save the survey: I started filling in the survey but have to rush into a call/meeting/home/etc. What will happen with my results?

A session is valid for 48 hours. As long as you do not close your browser window or tab, you will be able to continue at the point where you paused. After 48 hours, or if you close the window/tab, you will have to start a new session.

What will happen with the results of the survey?

The results of the survey will be condensed in an Annual Global Impact Report and shared in September 2021.

If your Impact Hub reaches the required number of responses for a valid sample, we will provide your local Impact Hub with a local analysis that can then be used for insights and strategy and also shared back with you and the community.

What happened to the results of last year's survey?

Check out our most recent Global Impact Report!